Open PTA Program Positions

Hello, Panther Families!  The PCES PTA is looking for parents who are willing to volunteer and serve PCES by leading some of our valued program areas the PTA provides.  We have several open options with a wide range of skills and time commitments. Below are the open volunteer positions for the 2020-2021 school year for your consideration.

If you would like to become more involved with your child’s school and help assist with some valuable resources to the school, please email with your interest.

Thank you,

Emily Perkins

PTA President

 OPEN PCES PTA Executive Board and Executive Committee Positions


President and Vice President Positions require a vote from the General Membership


Vice President – Ways & Means: Evaluates requests for PTA/ community partnerships and/or  donations and coordinates these community contributions to ensure PTA Guidelines are followed; works with local businesses to obtain donations for events/activities; investigates possible grants whose criteria match the PTA’s projects & activities; sends donor acknowledgement/ appreciation letters; oversees the Chairpersons of fundraising events & activities for PCES PTA to ensure PTA Guidelines are followed and events are successful;  provides reports for these individuals at PTA exec board meetings if they are unable to attend the meetings;  attends all executive board meetings and general membership meetings and helps with all major PTA events.

Committee Chairs (these positions do not require a vote from the General Membership)

5th Grade Promotion: This position is held by a 5th grade parent (can also have co-chair). Communicates with 5th grade parents about special 5th grade events which fall outside of what the classroom room parents would handle; coordinates committees that plan a 5th Grade Halloween Party and a 5th Grade Promotion Party and ensures that the committee coordinates volunteers, food and set up and clean up for these events. Much of the responsibility is geared toward promotion week and includes coordinating the promotion ceremony and reception; preparing and printing the promotion program and certificates; coordinating a slideshow, planning and organizing 5th grade field trip (Ashland Skateland) and celebration lunch party in the cafeteria with pizza and cupcakes and a DJ, orders t-shirts, coordinates a 5th grade teachers luncheon and a class gift donated to the school by the 5th graders.  Position requires 1-2 coordinators for everything throughout the year and gathers additional volunteers as needed.

Art Liaison: Assists PCES Art Teacher, Mr. Manwiller, as needed throughout the school year. Will keep up regular communication with him.  Liaison will also help with publicizing information about the art fundraiser that is determined by the art teacher.  Will also help to secure any volunteers if needed.

Cards for Teacher Birthdays: – Maintains calendar of teacher, aides and bus driver birthdays and sends teachers and staff cards on their birthdays.

County Council Rep:  The Council PTA delegate has an essential and important role within the PTA. The PCES delegate represents PCES at the monthly Hanover County PTA County Council meetings as a voting member of the County Council voting body.   The representative votes on all issues as instructed by the PCES PTA Exec Board or if not instructed by the Board, uses his/her own discretion except as provided by Bylaws. Attends PCES PTA Board meetings to report pertinent Hanover County information. Tries to attend or finds a PCES PTA representative to attend the annual PTA Day at the General Assembly. Also, the PCES PTA shall pay for his/her attendance with the President and school administrator at the Hanover County Council Banquet in May.


Fall Festival Chair:  The Fall Festival is the PCES PTA’s biggest fundraiser. The chairperson is responsible for organizing and gathering a team of volunteers to help coordinate all aspects of the school festival. This committee will organize activities, games, sponsorship, food, volunteers and ticket sales for the event. The Fall Festival typically takes place in late October or early November. The Fall Festival Chair should attend the executive board meeting to provide an update or have the VP of Ways and Means communicate this update to the board.

Family Acclimation:  Creates/maintains and mails a welcome letter to kindergarten and new families that includes information about the school and PTA, offers assistance if needed with navigating the school, encourages parents to participate in school and PTA activities and provides contact information to answer questions parents may have. Sends this letter and outreaches new families to PCES that come through the year (as possible). This chair attends the Kindergarten and New Student Ice Cream Social to welcome new families. (All files have been created and maintained, all are ready for transfer to new coordinator)

Reflections: Manages and encourages participation in the National PTA Student Reflections program; emphasizing the need for childhood experiences in literature, art, music, dance, choreography, photography, and film/video production. Responsible for all advertisement of Reflections programs including e-connections, flyers and FB, coordinating judges (that are not affiliated with the school) for a blind judging of the artistic work by the students, hosting judges’ dinner, collecting and labeling all artwork, submitting artwork for next level of judging, ordering plaques, ribbons, and certificates to be given to the winners and participants during a PCES PTA Reflections program in November. First place winners are then submitted to the county and the Reflections Coordinator is responsible for making sure they get to the correct person.


Roots & Shoots Coordinator – Program Coordinator develops and facilitates garden lessons (2x per month) for kindergarten through second grade classes throughout the school year. Coordinates volunteers for each grade lessons and develop class schedule with teachers. Maintains the appearance of the Roots and Shoots gardens. Oversees purchasing of garden supplies within proposed PTA budget. Works in coordination with the Landscaping committee to coordinate community cleanup days for maintaining the beautification of the gardens. Coordinates a schedule over the summer for families to sign-up to take care of the gardens. **Special Note for 2020-2021 year, the volunteer can be someone willing to coordinate the entire Roots and Shoots program OR a volunteer willing to lead the coordination for all Kindergarten classes.  We have returning volunteers willing to help with 1st and 2nd grades.