PTA Membership 2020-2021 School Year

Good Afternoon Paw Power Families,


From all of us at the Pearson’s Corner Elementary School PTA Executive Board, we wish you well and hope you are making the best of your summer.  This year has definitely presented challenges for many of us, and I am sure the questions surrounding our return to school for the 2020/2021 academic year come with trepidation.  In this time of uncertainty, we can all be sure of the fact that our children and their teachers will need our support to help foster a positive and successful educational experience for both Face to Face Learning and the Virtual Classroom.  The first step in this process is maintaining PTA memberships for those in your household.  As I am sure you are aware, the monetary impact of your membership helps with educational programming, resource procurement, and school improvement.  On top of this, simply by being a member, you empower our PTA to foster a safer and more effective educational environment for our children.  With all that said, we ask you to visit our PTA Membership Store via the link below and renew the memberships for your household.

This year, we have some new membership bundle opportunities that allow you to sign up each member of your household in one set, and these bundles come with volume discounts.  We encourage you to set up memberships for each person in your household and thank you in advance for doing so.  While the total monetary support is much appreciated, the volume of participants is much more paramount as it provides strength to our voice both within the county and the Commonwealth.


Visit the PCES PTA Membership store:


Thank You,


Marc Sartori

PCES PTA Vice President for Membership