Roots & Shoots


What is Roots and Shoots?

  • Gardening program for grades K-2

  • 30 minute lessons are held 4 times a school year

  • Students learn about various aspects of gardening, relating it to classroom curriculum when possible

  • Lessons are led by Roots and Shoots team volunteers with the help of parent volunteers for each class

Lessons at a Glance

  • Perennials vs. Annuals

    • Dividing and transplanting perennials

    • Harvesting seeds from annuals to use following season

    • Differences of rhizomes, bulbs, tubers, and corms

  • Basic Plant Life Cycle and Basic Plant anatomy

    • Observation

    • Estimation

    • Types of seeds

    • Seed Disbursement

  • Garden maintenance

    • Weeding

    • Mulching

    • Soil Amendments

  • Composting

  • Pollinators

    • Planting to attract pollinators

  • Planting seasonal vegetables & herbs



1 – Join US! 

The Roots and Shoots volunteer team is actively seeking volunteers to join our team. As a team member, you can:

  • Help plan and/or lead lessons

  • Help maintain the garden

  • Connect with PCES community & meet new friends

As a team member, you are not obligated to do all of the above. Help when you can! Bring your preschoolers if needed! No garden experience necessary.

2 – Volunteer with your Kindergartener-2nd grader class during Roots & Shoots lessons!

Sign up via Sign-up genius to help with your child’s class during Roots & Shoots lessons. We always need help passing out supplies, helping put on gloves, and digging in the dirt!

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact our program coordinators!!

Program Coordinators

Bertelle Bunyard (
Courtney Baxter (